Il Bianco dei Poderi Doc

Organoleptic analysis

Color: Light yellow

Bouquet: Fruity, floral, with minerals notes

On the palate: Fresh and tasty

Grape variety: 100 % native white grape variety as per production specifications  Colline Novaresi white

Production Area: Alto Piemonte in the Municipality of Ghemme in the Province of  Novara Italy.

Harvest: Beginning/mid September when the grapes are completely ripe, the bunches are collected in boxes of approximately 20 kg and manually selected.

Vinification: Soft pressing at low revs, low temperature fermentation to favour the exaltation of typical varietal compounds.

Gastronomic pairing: Ideal as aperitif (1), it goes well with the whole meal (2) with pasta dishes, fish, white meats and vegetables.

Sererving temperature:  (1) 8°÷10° C, (2) 12°-14 ° C

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